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Creative Carpet Design is proud to say we offer custom rugs at an affordable price. You no longer have to wealthy
to afford a custom rug. We specialize in initial rugs, monogram rugs, name rugs but if that's not your cup of tea..No
Problem..just email us about the design you have in mind. 17 popular decorator low shag/frieze carpet colors such
as hot pink, light pink, salmon pink, red, black, dark brown, yellow, orange, navy, light blue, teal, purple, bright blue,
off white, gray,lime green and 2 animal prints - leopard and zebra. You choose the shape (round, square or
rectangle), size, color(s) and then choose the options you want. Such as a border, an initial inlay, monogram
polka dots, or animal print. After all it's your rug...your way!
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