What is the difference between an Initial Rug & a
Monogram Rug?

An initial rug is literally one initial inlaid into a rug. This is
very popular for
baby & kid's rooms. Although adults love
them too. We have many adults use an
initial rug in their
entry of their home.
monogram rug is 3 initials.
For example
let's use the name "Alexa Whitney Evans"
If we were to write Alexa's initials it would be A.W.E.
Her letters are in order of her name with a period between
Now if we wanted to write Alexa's name as a
it would look like this...

Her last name is in the center and larger with more
emphasis, and her first name is smaller and to the left with
her middle name smaller and to the right.
If you would like to order a  
Name Rug...you will need to
contact us as our website is
not set up yet to process
orders for name rugs.
If you would like to order an Initial or
Monogram Rug...
go here.

Personalize your custom rug with an initial,
monogram, or name
inlay in the center. The
initial,monogram, or name is not printed,dyed
or embroidered...it is all hand cut from carpet
and inlaid. Our
initial, monogram, name rugs
are made from a low shag/frieze carpet. Every
rug is professionally handmade. We stock 17
popular designer colors & 2 animal prints. You
even get to choose from 8 font styles for your
initial, monogram, or name.

It's your Rug...your Way!!
Creative Carpet Design is proud to say we offer custom rugs at an affordable price. You no longer have to wealthy to
afford a custom rug. You no longer have to settle for an ordinary mass produced rug, when you can have an
EXTRAORDINARY rug! We stock 15 popular decor low shag/frieze carpet colors such as hot pink, light pink, salmon pink,
red, black, dark brown, yelllow, orange, navy, light blue, teal, purple, bright blue, off white, lime green and 2 animal prints
- leopard and zebra. You choose the shape (round, square or rectangle), size, color(s) and then choose the options you
want. Such as a border, an initial inlay, monogram inlay, polka dots, or animal print. After all it's your rug...your way! You
design it...we will build it!
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**To Place an Order for your own Custom Initial Rug, just click HERE
Want a whole name in a rug?? No Problem!
We can do it! Just email us and we will be
happy to give you a quote.
We donate 3% of every rug
purchased from our
website to help support
orphans throughout the
In you the orphan finds
mercy. Hosea 14:3
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